Why Use Facebook To Market Your Business?

What Is Facebook Marketing?

The growing popularity of Facebook makes it an ideal platform for promoting your business.

Facebook allows people from all corners of the world to connect with each other. Just like people connect with their friends and family on Facebook, businesses use the platform to connect with their target audience. The presence of your brand or business on Facebook allows you to market your business online and create awareness. The use of this social media website for promoting your business and connecting with potential customers is known as Facebook marketing.

Facebook serves as a powerful marketing tool for small as well as big businesses. Here are some innovative ways in which you can use Facebook for marketing your business.

1.Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page for your business gives you the opportunity to create awareness. A part from using the page to list your products or services, you can use to share offers, links, videos, etc. Once you have more people visiting your business page, you can share content that interests and entertains them the most.

2.Social Media Marketing

Facebook allows businesses to flash ads on the side columns of the site. These classic ads are also known as Marketplace Ads. A business can promote itself by creating an ad and placing it on Facebook. The ad must have a catchy headline, copy, image and link to the business page or website. 

3.Facebook Contests

This is another great way to promote your business on Facebook. Though a business cannot be hosted through the site itself, it is best to create a contest using a third-party app and promote it on Facebook.Facebook can then direct the users to the app to participate in the contest.

4.Facebook Post

Business page owners can promote their Facebook Posts by paying a fee. The posts can be made to reach out to a certain number of people, thus increasing its impression and impact. It is true that people who follow a particular page can see the posts by them on their news feed. But thanks to the ‘too much’ happenings on the social media, there are chances of the business post being lost in the crowd. This is why Promoted Posts come in the picture and help your business posts be on top of the newsfeed of your followers. These posts don’t just reach out to your followers, but to their friends as  well. Promoted Posts are different from Facebook Ads as they lack the targeting option.

5.Facebook retargeting ads

Retargeting is a concept best defined as an online advertising process that draw website visitors back to the site. These visitors visited your website in the past but did not make a purchase on your online store or may be just forgot about your existence. Every time  a person visits your website, a cookie is placed on their website which is later used to follow them on other sites. One of the best websites to retarget your audience is Facebook. The popularity of this social media site increases the possibility of the person being available on it. So, placing a retargeting ad can very much increase the chances of your visitor coming back to your site.

Why Facebook Marketing Is Beneficial?

1.Grows Brand Awareness: Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, offering multiple ways to reach out to your target audience. If managed strategically, this social media platform can function like PR for your business.Your business’ presence on Facebook can help it create brand awareness amongst a large number of audiences. 2. IncreaseWebsite Traffic: Having a business page on Facebook gives you the freedom to post multiple things like write ups, images, links, etc. By posting links of your website on your Facebook page, you can get more people to your website. 3.Targeted Advertising: Facebook has millions of users of various demographics. Thus, marketing your business on this platform will give you the benefit of targeting a specific demographics, depending on location, age, gender and interests. 4. Build Long-term Relationship With Your Target Audience: Facebook pages offer a great way to convey all the business information to your target audience. If used correctly, Facebook can serve as a long-term interactive platform to connect with your audience. The more you connect with your audience, he better relationship you can build with them. 5.Market Research Facebook has a powerful analytic feature known as Facebook Page Insights. This feature gathers information on the viewers of your page, thus making it easy for you to analyse if your page is drawing attention from the right people. In-depth knowledge about your customers’ ages, genders, languages, profession, education, etc. you can design posts and ads that appeal them instantly. 6.Business Leads: The number of ‘Likes’ you get on Facebook can be the beginning point of sales leads. Moreover, Facebook competitions can serve as a medium to collect email addresses and prepare a marketing list to get leads. 7.Customer Feedback: Facebook not just allows you to tell people about your business, but also allows them to share their views on the same. It permits two-way communication which is healthy for your business. You audience can interact with you via reviews or comments or even get in touch with your through direct messages. The reviews can be used as a feedback to improvise on the things that your audience feels aren’t perfect.

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