Digital Marketing through Virtual Gifts

What are Virtual Gifts?

Business Enterprises have a lot of incentive programs each with certain objectives. Corporate Gifting is one such incentive program that Corporate Houses use to maintain a cordial relationship with its stakeholders who are both external and internal players contributing to the growth of the organization. An organization needs to have an affable and congenial environment to achieve its short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and objectives. Corporate Gifting comes in here and it helps the Organization or Business Enterprise in this effect.

Corporate Gifting Solutions are of two types:

Tangible Gifts: These are physical gifts, and examples of this type are mugs, t-shirts, calendars, diaries, shopping/restaurant gift vouchers, etc.,

Intangible Gifts: These are virtual gifts, and examples of this type are free internet advertisements, free business directory listings, free online reviews & endorsements, etc., 

Purpose & Benefits of Corporate Gifting

Branding: A Corporate Gift creates instant branding for your business. As opposed to mass branding, corporate gifting is a personal branding method which creates a long standing impression and positive impact on the potential recipient of the gift. That results in him having a favourable attitude/disposition towards your brand.

Public Relations: Corporate Gifting is gentle marketing activity that creates goodwill with the publics of your company that includes your existing and potential customers, suppliers, vendors & service providers, media people, government agencies, law enforcement agencies and the general public which creates a healthy relationship between your company and all these stakeholders. In the long run, this helps to avoid friction between you and these stakeholders during any form of communication, and enables your company to have a smooth sailing into the future.

Sales Promotion: Corporate Gifting is another form of sales promotion which accelerates the sales and helps to retain your customers due to the personal bonding.

Personal Selling: Corporate Gifts are given to renew your relationship with your customers and stakeholders after a gap, and restart the business activities. 

Potential Recipients of your Virtual Gifts

Existing Customers: You can send Virtual Gifts by email or through authorized web links to your existing customers and newsletter subscription proving to them that they are special to your business and hence, have qualified for your Virtual Gift.

Potential Customers: Frequent visitors to your Blurn Website Design Agency Sydney, Australia, regular blog readers, discussion group members who post reviews and share useful tips can all become your customers in future. You can send your Virtual Gifts to them and get them to stay connected with your brand and website.

Lapsed Customers: Past customers who are not active at the present and those customers who had abandoned your online shopping cart may receive your electronic or online voucher or e-gifts in order that they come back to you again. Once coming back, the possibility is that they may remain with you for a long time.

Suppliers: You have to have a healthy relationship with your suppliers, and Corporate Gifts hopefully will help to keep that relationship intact.

Qualified Visitors to your Website: You may offer a Virtual Freebie like a free eBook for those website visitors who voluntarily take an online test and get high scores. You may provide this optional test to qualify your website visitors, if that will for you.

Members from your Industry & Trade: To ensure that you build your business network within your Industry & Trade, you may offer Virtual Vouchers to the Members from your Industry & Trade for responding to any of your digital promotions or activities.

Your Dealers & Distributors: They have been associated with you all the while and supporting you to sustain your bottomline. You may surprise them by gifting them with an Online Advertisement to show your solidarity and recognition for them.

Influencers/Opinion Leaders: You may offer E-gifts to Niche Bloggers and Content Producers in your category who are the influencers and opinion leaders having a say in the online world. In exchange, they may write on your brand and can help to supercharge your sales. Likewise, you may offer your Virtual Gifts to your Mentors, Peers, Business Associates and Social Media Followers. 

Digital Marketing & Virtual Gifting

  • You can use your Blog Posts & Social Media with a little fun game and offer your Virtual Gifts which will get you some transaction.
  • You can publish a series of posts about five numbers and propose to give your readers a virtual for reading the entire five post series.
  • You may run a short period competition campaign on Twitter and offer E-gifts to winners.
  • You can announce BIG virtual gifts to a lucky winner for interacting or engaging with your brand.
  • Create brand awareness/recognition or enhance your company’s image.
– You may encourage your employees to share the company’s Digital Marketing posts in their social media and offer a Virtual Compliment or eVoucher to the one who reaches your posts the most.

Effects & Scope

– Corporate gifts are a kind of business investment.

– Offering a Business Gift creates a sense of reciprocity and an obligation to return the favour.

– Giving of Corporate Gifts helps continuous business with the Prospect & Client if tactfully induced.

– Enhances Corporate image & goodwill

– It is a form of Advertising & Sales Promotion.

– Powerful & much more memorable promotional tool

– Long-term advertisement

– It supplements mainstream advertisement and is cost-effective. 

Occasions for Corporate Gifting

– Introduction to new Customers

– Entry to new segments & markets

– New products introduction

– Festivals

– Conventions/trade shows

– Promotional events & new offers

– Company anniversaries

– Thanking Customers for business

– Retaining Customers

– Increase sales

– Increase market share

– Support Marketing team 

Strategy for Virtual Gifts

  • You can selectively choose your target audience and offer them tailor-made gifts that appeal to them.
  • Differentiate the customers in terms of their size, and give them appropriate and respectable gift cards/vouchers
  • Prepare different plans for different types of customers.
  • Make an offer to give the Virtual Gift to your Blog Readers for their second visit to the Blog Site
  • Offer a real good Virtual Gift that the online visitors show interest in and value your brand.
  • You may use creative yet simple ideas for your Virtual Corporate Program like Online Surveys, Slogan Competitions, Best Content Contributors, etc. Click here for more information